Everything you need to know about 2021 interior design trends

September 11, 2020 11:37 am Published by 2021 interior design trends

In this article we’ll share the hottest 2021 interior design trends with you.


Some of these you’ll like. Some you’ll love. There may even be one that you hate! In any case, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration…

Last year we predicted the interior design trends for 2020 and some of these are set to stay for 2021. However, 2021 will certainly see its own trends emerging, and we will explore these too.


Which 2020 interior design trends will continue into 2021?

  1. Japandi (simple, scandi-inspired perfectly imperfect)
  2. Natural materials (rattan, wicker, cork)
  3. Comfort (how your space makes you feel)
  4. Environmentally friendly (sustainable and recycled materials)


2021 interior design trends

1. Pandemic influence

Firstly, there’s no doubt that Covid-19 has changed the way we see our homes. The ‘pandemic effect’ can be seen across the industry and is making an impact on future interior design trends. Our homes have become an important part of our self-care, places of refuge and sanctuary. Home is our safe space.

Spending more time at home has sparked the following post-lockdown trends:

  1. As we continue to crave comfort and cosiness, we will see more ‘hugging’ furniture. Think sofas that you can sink into, or super-soft enveloping bedding.
  2. We now see luxury at home as important and indeed necessary.
  3. With more and more of us working from home, zoning and home office space will become a priority as we strive to keep home and work life separate.
  4. A move towards an organised and decluttered home, with clear surfaces that are easier to wipe and sanitise.


Comfort & cosiness

2. Colour therapy

Which colours will be popular in 2021?

  1. Navy blue
    Italian Bark predicts that Pantone ‘classic blue’ will be big in 2021, pairing it with mauve, red, medium grey, tobacco brown or blush. This dark blue is versatile, incredibly chic and adds a feeling of cosiness to any space. Because of this, we’ve decided to use navy blue in the kitchens of one of our 2021 developments.
  2. Earth tones
    The Dulux colour of the year 2021 is ‘brave ground’ (see image below). It is described as a ‘warm elemental neutral which allows other colours to shine’. Beige is set to make a come-back, along with other warm neutrals such as cream, taupe and ‘greige’ (imagine a sepia filtered home).
    Pair these with green or rust for a relaxed, harmonious palette.
  3. Muted gold 
    Opt for satin-matte gold accents to compliment these earthy colours in your home.


Dulux colour of the year

3. Biophilic Design

We’re big fans of biophilic design, which essentially means interior design which connects people with nature. Learn more by reading EDGE Design Studio’s guest piece on how nature can contribute to the best in interior design.

You can add elements of biophilic design to your home by:

  1. Incorporating more natural materials 
    Choose materials such as rattan, wicker, cork, real wood, wool, cotton and leather (or faux leather).
  2. Include textural elements
    Consider adding a chunky knitted throw, a macrame wall hanging or plant holder to create visual interest.
  3. Bring nature inside 
    Whether you choose dried plants, fresh flowers or pot plants, a botanical interior provides real emotional benefits.


macrame hanging

4. Sustainability

With a real concern for the environment, more and more designers are focusing on sustainability. This means we’ll be seeing more recycled materials, along with reclaimed and refurbished pieces in 2021. Now might be a good time to learn upholstery!

We will also see a trend towards eclectic interiors, using secondhand and antique furniture and accessories.


eclectic antique furniture

5. New 80s

In stark contrast to the natural elements and earth tones that we’ve explored above, TrendBook predicts that ‘modern 80s’ will be popular in 2021. Inspired by the Memphis Milano designs of the 1980s, this trend sees bright, clashing colours and big, bold geometric shapes. Love it or loathe it, this trend is not for the faint-hearted!

This striking and vivid style can be perfect for a large room, needing a big impact (for example a hotel lobby), a fun choice for a child’s playroom, or a creative office space. However, it is best avoided in any room that you want to relax in.

For a less jarring take on the ‘new 80s’ look, try pairing the iconic geometric shapes of the Memphis movement with the navy blue, sage green and earth tones of 2021.


new 80s

So what do you think? Do you plan to use any of these trends in your home?

Remember, while it’s fun to see the latest trends, it is important to design your space for YOU, paying attention to the style and period of your property.


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