5 of the best bedroom ideas for children

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The wonderful thing about coming up with bedroom ideas for children is that you can have loads of fun with it. Embrace your inner child and go wild!

Firstly, team up with your child(ren) to brainstorm – they will likely come up with some brilliant ideas. Browse Pinterest together (start with our Cute Decor for Kids board) and see what sparks their imagination. Your child may be a budding ballerina, a dinosaur fanatic, a super skate-boarder or a history buff. Run with that and see where it takes you. A theme can be the perfect way to provide inspiration and stylistically tie a child’s bedroom together.


The best bedroom ideas for children

1. Animal magic

If your child’s kindred spirit is Dr Dolittle, you might choose to theme their room around animals. Source cushions, bedding, stuffed toys, paintings and prints of their favourite furry, feathered or fishy friends.

Consider using a mural wallpaper (we love Annet Weelink – check out her underwater animals below). Likewise, a bold zebra or leopard print statement rug with lots of large pot plants can create a safari or jungle bedroom.

Add little details for a big impact, like this DIY neon animal coat rack by Say Yes, or a fun animal lamp like the one below.

2. Creative colour

It’s common for a child’s bedroom to look chaotic, or too ‘busy’, especially with an abundance of patterns and pictures. To avoid this, tie your theme together by using colours in the same ‘family’. Opt for warm neutrals or monochrome in an animal bedroom to avoid visual overload, or choose bright warm colours and carnival lights for a circus theme.

If your child has a favourite colour, discover different shades together and decide which ones will work best. If your child adores a colour that you really can’t bear (or will make redecorating/resale difficult), compromise by adding coloured accessories instead. Pick out large abstract prints with their favourite colours, or paint their furniture instead of the walls.

blue bedroom ideas for children

3. A special space

Children LOVE to have a place to escape to and hide away. Create their very own den with a cute tent, secret cupboard or hidey hole. Interior designer Anna Ward, of Furnished by Anna took this idea to a whole new level by creating a secret tunnel linking the two bedrooms of her clients’ daughters.

Use the area under a loft, cabin or bunk bed to create a snuggle space, with curtains for extra privacy and a feeling of being cosy and safe. This space can double as a reading nook. Add comfy cushions, a lamp and low shelving to make books accessible.

TIP: spice racks can double as shelves for outward-facing books like these from Her Happy Home (left) and A Corner to Read (right).

Spice racks as bookshelves

4. Add art

Use images to create your theme, add colour and inspire your child. Choose striking prints and mix images with words.

What to include on a child's bedroom gallery wall?

  1. a quote from their favourite book (Dr Seuss is always a winner)
  2. a photo of a special holiday location
  3. an illustration of their Chinese zodiac animal
  4. a print or postcard of their favourite painting
  5. an abstract piece of art that they’ve created themselves
  6. a portrait of their pet
  7. some inspirational words
  8. a map of somewhere with meaning to them (for example where their grandparents were born)

Pick a theme, or use colour to tie your gallery wall together. We love this one by Gold is a Neutral below.

Consider adding a chalk wall or mounted paper roll so that they can make their own art and change it regularly.


Gallery wall

5. Get physical!

It seems some children never run out of beans! So if you have a tiny bundle of energy, you may like to incorporate a practical design element which can help them exercise in their bedroom. You might hang a rope or gymnastic rings from the ceiling, put up monkey bars, a swing or even install a  climbing wall. Or you might add a punch bag (perfect for teenagers dealing with hormones).

We advise you consult an expert before installing this kind of equipment, in order to make sure it is completely safe and securely attached. 

If you’re not keen on making permanent changes to your child’s bedroom, consider a cabin bed with a slide or a cute yoga mat which can be rolled away when not in use.


So there you have it – our favourite 5 bedroom ideas for children. Want more?
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