6 kitchen trends you’ll love in 2022 and beyond

February 11, 2022 2:34 pm Published by kitchen trends for 2022

Kitchens can be expensive to renovate and for that reason, I’m always hesitant to recommend kitchen trends that could be seen as fads in the future. However, these kitchen ideas, while popular right now, are also beautiful and practical, meaning they will be perfect for your home far beyond 2022.

6 kitchen trends for 2022 and beyond

1. Vintage & sustainable, distinctive decor

More and more of us are thinking about the kinds of home changes we can make for ourselves. The pandemic has caused costs of materials to rise, created supply chain problems and of course delays in delivery. For these reasons, you might consider repainting your kitchen cabinets, instead of replacing them. Another resourceful and sustainable choice is to consider using reclaimed or vintage fixtures and fittings. Shop for beautiful, quality vintage pieces such as a classic farm kitchen table at one of these online shops and marketplaces.

Think about how you can create a look for your kitchen that is a unique reflection of you. Perhaps you want to display certain pieces of crockery, or create a gallery wall.

repaint kitchen cabinets

2. Statement tiles

Expect the trend for interesting and unusual kitchen tiling to continue. Good Housekeeping predict that people will want “more unique tiles that express them and provide a variation to the usual.”

Look for tiles that are a little quirky and different to add character to your kitchen. Patterned flooring tiles give visual interest and glazed splash-backs can add texture. However, be sure to avoid split face tiles in your kitchen, since it is much harder to clean all those nooks and crannies!

blue kitchen tiles

3. Kitchens in bold colours

Continuing the trend for deep blue kitchens that we have seen grow in recent years, we’re likely to see even more colour in kitchen design. For a bold contrast, Homes & Gardens suggest picking “two shades on opposite sides of the colour wheel, like pink and green”.

If the thought of contrasting colours is a little bold for you, consider deep emerald green, vivid plum, or even a strong monochrome look for your kitchen. And if you aren’t able to change your cabinets, add colour with bright accessories, lighting and plants instead.

bold navy kitchen

4. Veined marble kitchen trend

Emily Henderson shares a lot of beautiful, high contrast, large veined marble in her round up of this year’s kitchen trends. Consider this for your countertops and splash-backs. While real marble stone can be extremely expensive, a quality laminate can give a similar look and is far more affordable.

Veined marble gives a dramatic and luxurious look. It can be absolutely stunning, especially in an otherwise minimalist kitchen.

veined marble

5. Removing upper cabinets

Our ongoing passion for decluttering and purging, which started during lockdown, shows no signs of diminishing. Kitchn are seeing a trend for “disappearing upper cabinets” and a more minimalist, unfussy style of kitchen. Many people are choosing to remove the overhead cupboards in their kitchen, giving a feeling of openness. If you’re keen to embrace this style, but still need storage space, consider a single open display shelf instead of cupboards, to showcase your most beautiful kitchen items.

minimalist kitchen

6. Hidden kitchen storage

Following on from the trend for removing upper cabinets, clever kitchen designers are adding more hidden storage to ensure that your space is beautiful, yet also practical and efficient.

The following ideas will help you maximise storage space, keeping belongings out of sight and countertops clutter-free…

  1. Built-in banquettes provide both comfortable seating and hidden storage.
  2. A pull out cutting board will give an additional food preparation area. Install it above a pull-out bin to keep your kitchen extra neat and tidy.
  3. Add a toe-kick drawer to store less-used items where your kitchen baseboard would usually be.
  4. Opt for double or hidden drawers to store and organise your utensils.
  5. Consider pull-out shelving to make the most of corner cupboard space.
  6. Hang pots and pans from a pull out rack.
  7. Add a pull out pantry for easy access and organisation of tins, packets and spices.
  8. Tuck a tiny home office into a corner that can be hidden behind cupboard doors when not in use.
  9. If you have room, add a kitchen island with hidden storage space on every side.

seating storage

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