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June 5, 2020 12:01 pm Published by Architecture Quiz header

Firstly, you should know that this architecture quiz is a little different.

We’ve used images of famous buildings that have been taken from extreme angles, or closely cropped,  to focus on particular details, for instance.
So, try to guess what each picture is (don’t worry, it’s multiple choice, so you can always take a guess)…


Can you score 100%?
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Architecture Quiz

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Can you guess all of these buildings by looking at their architectural details or extreme angles?

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1. Which world famous landmark is this?

Architecture quiz 1

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2. Where is this architectural detail?

Architecture quiz 2

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3. Which castle is this?


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4. What building is this, viewed from the ground?

Famous architecture

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5. Where is this dome?

Architectural dome

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6. Which building features this carving?


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7. What building is this, viewed from below?

view from the street

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8. Which building is this?


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9. What is this photo showing a section of?


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10. Lastly, which tall building is this, seen from the street?

tall building

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