5 of the best botanical interior ideas

March 11, 2022 12:15 am Published by best botanical interior ideas

Botanical interior ideas are perfect for freshening up your home. It’s a look that is constantly being reinvented and has become somewhat of a modern classic.
Firstly, let’s look at what ‘botanical’ actually means.

What does botanical mean?

Botanical means ‘pertaining to, made from, or containing plants’. The word comes from botanic, which has its root in the Greek word botanikos, meaning ‘of herbs’.

In other words, anything to do with plant life, greenery and flora. With a definition this broad, it’s surely possible to find botanical inspiration to suit any home. Whether you prefer delicate florals, or a bold jungle look, these 5 suggestions are a great place to kick start your home inspiration.


The Best Botanical Interior Ideas

1. Get the green light

The colour green represents nature, life and growth. Green can be both calming and invigorating, depending on what shade you choose, so think carefully about how you use your space. A zesty spring or grass green might be great for a kitchen or home office, whereas a soft moss or sage could work best in a bedroom.

There are many ways to add green to a room. Choose to paint or wallpaper, or add a green accent with your soft furnishings, lamps and vases.

Green painted wall

2. Rustic charm

Incorporate an arboreal element by including natural materials and rustic textures in your space. Real wood shelving, wicker, rattan and cane furniture can add an organic charm. Don’t be afraid to mix different woods and textures for a more eclectic, curated style.

rustic botanical interior ideas

3. Plant power

Plants have many benefits. These include improving mental health and productivity, boosting your immune system and improving the air quality of your home. For maximum benefits, opt for real plants such as herbs, potted plants, hanging plants and succulents.

Don’t worry if you’re not green-fingered. A terrarium is very low maintenance and even artificial plants provide emotional benefits.


4. Prints and pictures

Add beautiful botanical accents by incorporating prints and pictures in your home. Choose items that evoke nature. Leaves and foliage or florals work perfectly on bedding, wallpaper, tiles, cushions and framed pictures. Even bug illustrations can look gorgeous in the right space. Think iridescent beetles, intricate dragonflies or colourful moths and butterflies.

botanical prints

5. Natural objects

Incorporate natural objects in your home. Collect twisted pieces of driftwood or fill a bottle with wildflowers. Likewise, unusual stones or pebbles can add a point of interest to a botanically inspired home. These items, along with a well-placed plant can soften a space and make it more welcoming.

However, don’t rush to include these. Keep an eye out when you next go to the beach, or for a walk in the countryside. In time, you’re sure to find the perfect piece which will evoke memories each time you look at it.



Finally, be sure to follow our botanical interiors Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

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