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February 1, 2022 12:30 am Published by Chinese interior design inspiration lantern

Chinese new year is here. Therefore we’re celebrating by sharing Chinese interior design inspiration and ideas for your home.

Scroll down for our hot list of beautifully whimsical decor ideas.

Chinese interior design inspiration


Paper lanterns are inexpensive but make a bold impact. Use lanterns to add colour and create interest in your space.

Chinese interior design inspiration lantern


Chinese and Chinese-inspired furniture has a distinctive style. Consider investing in a statement piece, like this lacquered cabinet from Nook & Cranny. On the other hand, if your budget is tight, you might think about using rattan or cane chairs indoors.

In addition, look out for items with latticework and pieces featuring some of the Chinese design details at the end of this article.

Chinese blue cabinet


Birdcages add some whimsy and romance to your room. They build visual interest and are a great talking point. Use birdcages to display your favourite indoor plants, fill them with silk flowers or hang them from the ceiling.

We love the ones below at The Wedding Notebook.



Unfortunately, for most of us, hand-painted Chinese silk is unaffordable. However, a wide range of printed Chinese-inspired wallpapers and paper folding screens are available.

Look for delicate, detailed designs including birds, branches and blooms. One of our favourites is below, as featured in The Times.

Chinoiserie wallpaper

Symbolism & Chinese interior design details

Colour is hugely symbolic in Chinese culture. Two traditional colours that you might include in your space are red and gold. Red is considered an optimistic and lucky colour, symbolising joy and happiness, while gold is symbolic of wealth – Colour Meanings

Use a parasol to screen an untidy corner, or upside down in place of a lampshade. According to Buddhism, the parasol is “a symbol of protection from illness, obstacles, harmful energies and suffering” – MasterMind

A perfect circle
In a social space, where family and friends gather, consider including a bold circular detail. For instance, a large round mirror or a circular cut-out in a piece of furniture. In Chinese culture, “the circle stands for [being] ‘fulfilled’, ‘oneness’, ‘perfection’, ‘unity'” – AllegraVita

Finally, Chinese lions represent safety, security and luck, which makes them the perfect detail for a drawer knob or cabinet handle in your home.

Chinese interior design inspiration door knob

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