How to get over your fear of a colourful home

January 28, 2021 12:44 pm Published by

First, let me tell you a secret… In the past I have shied away from having a colourful home.

I was always nervous of using bright colours in interior design. However, over time I realised that my fear was based on self-doubt. I wasn’t sure which colours would work well together, or how best to use colour in interior design. Perhaps you feel the same way? Whatever the reason, I hope to persuade you here that colour is nothing to be afraid of. Indeed, it can completely change the mood of a room and even have a positive impact on your mental health, in the same way that house plants and decluttering your home can.

How to get over your fear of a colourful home

I have found that the best way to get over my fear of using colour in my home is to look for inspiration and ideas. I adore Jennie Maizel’s rainbow interiors (below), which she shares on Instagram. I’m also inspired by images on Pinterest, artwork, prints, clothing and even colours in nature.

Jennie Maizels colourful home on Instagram

The second thing which helped me to embrace colour in interior design is having a better understanding of the colour wheel. I learnt a few simple ways to use a colour wheel and recognise which colours work well together. This challenged my assumptions about colour combinations in surprising and delightful ways. I found it liberating to be able to experiment with colour within a kind of ‘safety net’. You can learn more about how a colour wheel works in this article if you are interested.

And the third reason why I no longer fear a colourful home is that I cheat! I do this by taking inspiration from something colourful that I love. This might be anything from the bright plumage of a bird to a piece of artwork that I love, or even a gorgeous cushion. The important thing here is that whatever it is has to make me feel good. So much so that I want to replicate this feeling in my home. The reason I playfully call it ‘cheating’ is that I already know that the colour combination works well for me. I can therefore be confident in using these colours together in my home.

How to get over a fear of using colour?

In summary then, the three ways in which you can conquer your fear of using colour in your home are as follows:

  1. Look for bold, colourful inspiration and ideas every day
  2. Learn how to use a colour wheel and understand the relationships between colours
  3. Cheat by choosing one piece that you love (a striking wallpaper, vase or scarf for example), then incorporate those colours with your interior design

Ideas for creating a colourful home

Use splashes of bright, bold colour to give an exciting ‘pop’. This works especially well in a child’s bedroom or playroom.

rainbow bedroom in a colourful home

A dark colour can help to make a large space, or a room with high ceilings feel more cosy.

Cosy room with colour

Think about how a colour makes you feel. Some people find red invigorating. Others might find it gives them anxiety. In this bedroom (below), the red seems to give a feeling of romance and comfort. Almost like an enveloping embrace.

red and velvet room in a colourful home

If you rent your home, invest in large artwork pieces to add colour. That way you can take the colours with you when you leave.

add colour with artwork

Another fast way to add colour to your home without making a big commitment is to choose colourful throws, pillows and cushions.

soft furnishings

I hope this article will help you welcome a rainbow into your home by both inspiring and giving you practical tips to overcome a fear of colour.


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