Unusual colours quiz

August 19, 2020 1:06 pm Published by Unusual colours quiz

In this unusual colours quiz, you’ll test your knowledge of curious and uncommon colour names.

Colour is crucial to interior design and can instantly change your mood. It’s therefore important to understand how to use colour in your home, but how well do you know your colours? Do you know the obscure names of each and every hue?

See how many unfamiliar colours you can guess correctly (don’t worry, it’s multiple choice, so you can always have a try)…


So, how many can you guess correctly?
Good luck!

Unusual colours quiz

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Can you guess all of these unusual colours?

In this quiz we will give you an uncommon name for a particular hue. You need to match this with the closest colour name (multiple choice).

Good luck!

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1. Firstly, which colour is persimmon?

persimmon for colours quiz

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2. Amaranth is what kind of colour?

3 / 10

3. Which colour is closest to Heliotrope?

4 / 10

4. What kind of colour is cerise?

cerise for colours quiz

5 / 10

5. Cerulean is a kind of...

6 / 10

6. Which colour is closest to chartreuse?

7 / 10

7. What colour is similar to aureolin?

8 / 10

8. Obsidian is similar to which colour?

9 / 10

9. Catalina is a...

10 / 10

10. Lastly, sable is closest to the colour of what?

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