Why you should declutter before moving house

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Why should you declutter before moving house?

In this guest article, expert Carrie Ottolini explains why decluttering your home is so important, especially before moving house, and how a professional organiser can help.

In our busy lives we often lose focus of how we feel at home. Home should be a place where we relax – our private sanctuary away from the outside world. But clutter within our home can hugely impact our serenity. It affects our anxiety level, our ability to stay calm and focused. In turn, this has an ongoing effect on other aspects of our lives.

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How can a Professional Organiser help to restore balance?

A professional organiser is an expert in decluttering and organising areas in your home or office. The Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers (APDO) has over 350 UK members. We will support you through your decluttering journey and help you to create the environment you want.

The process of decluttering can be an emotional and exhausting experience, especially when dealing with items of attachment. A professional organiser will always handle things sensitively and without judgement. They will keep your decluttering project to a manageable size. In this way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the process. Rather, you will feel inspired and enthusiastic about tackling the next area of work.

Every area within the home and office can be tackled. From a chaotic family kitchen, a messy child’s bedroom to a bulging garage. Having a professional organiser alongside to motivate and encourage you, means you will succeed. In addition, when you decide to let go of items, you have the reassurance of knowing that they will go to the correct place, be that the local charity shop, homeless or recycling centre.

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Why you should declutter before moving house

Employing a professional organiser can be extremely helpful when you are moving to a new home.  We can remove much of the stress from the process, save you money and attract buyers.

  1. An uncluttered area is always more appealing to homebuyers, since it is easier for them to see themselves living in a calm, inviting space. Decluttering can also make your home seem more spacious.
  2. A professional organiser can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price. We can assist with staging in preparation for viewings and sales photography. We can also advise on short-term storage of your items.
  3. You will reduce your moving costs by fully decluttering your possessions to only the items you want in your new home. In addition, this will make unpacking less of a chore.
  4. After the decluttering process has taken place, a professional organiser can advise you on storage ideas for your home. Storage solutions which maximise your space and improve the aesthetics of it, do not need to be costly. Even a simple storage system will improve efficiency and functionality and help you to maintain a well organised space. Finding things will be easy from now on.

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While it’s particularly important to declutter before moving, this should be a continuous, rather than one-off process.  An organised home is always a pleasure to live in.

Regaining balance by creating a calm well organised environment in which you can live, work and play has many benefits. Importantly, it lowers anxiety and stress in all areas of your life, it adds to your confidence, and gives you back more time to focus on the things which are important to you!

declutter before moving

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This guest post was written by professional organiser Carrie Ottolini. If you would like some advice or help to achieve a more organised and relaxed home or work environment, please feel free to get in touch at:
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Carrie Ottolini
Professional Organiser & APDO Member