How to quickly and easily decorate for Autumn

September 1, 2021 12:09 am Published by How to quickly and easily decorate for Autumn

Discover how to make your home feel more welcoming, cosy and warm with these 5 super simple ideas to quickly and easily decorate for Autumn. In this article we’ll look at effortless ways to transform your home for the harvest season. We’ll consider how colour, texture and natural elements can all make an impact.


How to quickly and easily decorate for Autumn

1. Layer up soft furnishings

As the weather starts to grow colder, we want to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot drink. Cultivate this feeling of cosiness in your home. Add chunky knits and throws, extra rugs on hard floors and soft fluffy cushions.

Read our ten tips to make your home feel super cosy and remember to consider how important scent is in evoking a particular feeling. What smell makes you feel safe and snug at home? Oud wood and bergamot are our current favourite scents for Autumn.


Cosy blanket and candle

2. Gorgeous gourds

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween! They also make pretty centrepieces. Choose a variety you love (think mini or white pumpkins) and add succulents, evergreen foliage or lights. Pile them up in a stack underneath a glass cloche, or paint them to compliment your home decor.

If you’re worried about real pumpkins rotting, seek out realistic faux decorative pumpkins which can be reused year after year.


White pumpkins

3. Dried flowers

Fresh flowers can be costly at this time of year and no longer available from your garden. However, dried flowers, along with pretty dried grasses and wheat, add colour, bringing the outside in and celebrating harvest season.

For a vintage feel, re-use and recycle old tins, jars & bottles to display your dried flowers.


Dried grasses

4. Weave a warm welcome

Why wait until December before you add a wreath to your front door? A natural wicker wreath is a wonderful way to welcome guests to your home and can be adapted for every season.

Learn how to make a simple Autumn wreath from woven twigs and other natural elements. If your craft abilities aren’t quite up to this, buy a simple twig wreath base that can be reused each season and just add your choice of embellishments. You might include acorns, pine cones, feathers, evergreen foliage such as ivy, or even woody herbs like rosemary.


DIY twig wreath for Autumn

5. Add rich, deep colours

When we think of Autumnal colours, we typically imagine vibrant orange, red and yellow falling leaves. However, adding any strong colours with warm tones to your home will make it feel more in keeping with the season.

Consider burgundy, rust and amber, rich navy, or deep forest green. Perhaps add soft gold accents for a splash of luxury.
There’s no need to completely redecorate. Simply swapping out cushion covers and curtains, or adding a piece of artwork using these colours can make a big impact.


Warm Autumn colours


More ways to quickly and easily decorate for Autumn

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