How to make your home feel super cosy

October 6, 2021 12:30 am Published by How to make your home feel cosy

Want to know how to make your home feel cosy? Aside from turning up the heating, interior design and home styling can make a huge difference! Read on for our top 10 tips for cosiness at home.

How to make your home feel cosy

1. Colour

Colour is crucial to the feel of a room. The colour palette that you choose can evoke certain feelings and completely change the way you experience the space.

For a cosy-feeling room, choose warm colours, essentially red, orange, yellow or a combination of these. These colours remind us of fire, the sun, love and passion.

Think creams, gold, bronze, shades of terracotta, pink or apricot. If you don’t want to change your whole room, choose warm colours for accents. For example, bold yellow and orange cushions can make a blue or white room feel warmer. Dark colours can help to make a large room feel smaller (and therefore more cosy), but if you already have a small space, you might opt instead for paler colours that still feel ‘warm’. For instance, a blush pink, or even a warm (mossy) green or grey (with a taupe undertone).


Pink room


2. Texture

Consider the fabrics and textures in your space. Opt for (fake) fur throws and wool rugs, chunky knitted blankets, waffle duvet covers or velvet cushions. Of course, these are practical (for snuggling up with a hot chocolate), but just looking at them will make you feel cosier.

Curtains made of heavier, thicker textiles (like velvet, brocade, or thermal-backed fabric) will insulate your room through the winter months – bonus!


How to make your home feel cosy soft furnishings

3. How to make your home feel cosy with layering

Create a layered look with your soft furnishings. Pile, stack and overlap cushions, throws, rugs and blankets, especially on sofas and beds for a luxe, cosy look.

For the ultimate cosy effect, allow your furry friend(s) to join you on the bed or sofa.


cosy puppy


4. Artwork

Consider how the art in your home makes you feel. Images that are personal to you (of loved ones or holidays) will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You might choose to display quotes or mottos that you find positive or comforting. You may choose artwork that depicts your spirit animal (what would that be, I wonder?) or simply choose abstract art in warm colours and soothing shapes.

5. How to make your home feel cosy with lighting

Lighting can transform a large, cold space into a warm and welcoming one. Choose bulbs that emit soft, warm light, rather than bright, or blue light. Side lamps create a more cosy atmosphere, rather than one overhead source. Opt for dimmer switches so that you can take the lighting level down in the evening.

Add candles for a warm, flickering glow and a cosy (& romantic!) feel.


soft lighting


6. Real wood

There’s no doubt that real wood furniture is warmer than plastic, metal or veneer. The beautiful colours of natural wood will also add to the cosy feeling that you’re trying to evoke.

If you can’t afford real wood pieces in your home, consider including other natural elements, such as rattan or cork, or even some flowers or greenery from your garden. There’s a reason why pagans created wreaths from evergreen foliage to celebrate the Yule festival, symbolising nature and the return of Spring following the winter solstice.

If you are lucky enough to have a log burning stove, your home will always feel cosy, but even a disused or purely decorative fireplace can still have logs stacked in it to give the sense of a fire about to be lit.


Logs indoors

7. Snuggly bedding

Choose bedding that feels good against your skin. Crisp cotton percale is great for Summer, but opt instead for snuggly brushed cotton or good quality linen in Winter. Add extra cushions in luxe fabrics like velvet and a thick throw blanket at the end of the bed and you’ll be half-way to hibernating for the entire season.

For a super-snuggly bedtime experience, keep a pair of warm woollen bed socks and slippers close by to take the chill off your tootsies if you have to get up in the night.



8. Hygge it out

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the ‘Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special’. This concept can be applied to your personal interior design. Think about what changes you can make to your space in order to create more moments like this. We’ve already mentioned some ideas, including:

  1. Bringing the outside in with natural elements, flora and fauna
  2. Creating an inviting space for friends and family, with plenty of comfortable seating
  3. Low-level lighting, candles, lamps or fairy lights
  4. Comfortable blankets, throws and cushions
  5. Objects, artwork or photos are personal to you and make you feel good
  6. Real warmth, perhaps a fire, or a flickering candle flame, a hot water bottle, or a fake sheepskin

Remember that what evokes ‘hygge’ will be different for everyone. By all means, take inspiration from this list, but take the opportunity to really consider what you want for your own home.


Cosy room

9. Accessories

We’ve already mentioned how candles, blankets, rugs, cushions and throws can help a home to feel cosier, but if we think about what gives us that feeling of ‘hygge’, we might begin to think about other accessories too. For example, my family love to play games together, so a stack of board games, or even a pack of playing cards on a side table can give me a cosy, warm feeling. Likewise, a favourite book, wedding album, or a certain piece of music might generate a feeling of happiness or contentment for you.


How to make your home feel cosy soft furnishings Layering


10. How to make your home feel cosy with scents

The fragrance of a room is often overlooked, but a subtle change can add to a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home. For example, scientists have learned that burning frankincense reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

Earthy, woody and smoky scents are great to make a room feel cosy in Winter, but once again, think about what a particular fragrance means to you. Cinnamon and cloves always remind me of Christmas (a time of year that is packed with ‘hygge’-inducing moments) and lemon verbena (despite being a fresh, spring scent), is the smell of my mum’s hair and always gives me a feeling of being ‘home’.



These were our ten ways to make your home feel cosier in the autumn and winter seasons.
Can you think of any more?

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