Awesome interior design trends for 2022 that will inspire your home

September 29, 2021 12:56 pm Published by interior design trends for 2022

In this article we’ll share the hottest interior design trends for 2022 that will inspire your home.

You’ve likely seen some of these already appearing in stores and online. Some, however, may be new to you. In any case, we will explore as many as possible here, giving you plenty of inspiration and ideas!

Following the most inspirational interior design trends of 2020, last year we predicted the interior design trends for 2021. Some of these ‘modern classics’ will carry on into 2022.
Of course, there will be plenty of new trends for 2022 and we will take a look at these below.

Which 2020/2021 interior design trends will continue into 2022?

  1. Biophilic design (interiors that connect people with nature)
  2. Japandi (simple, modern, neutral, zen, this is a fusion of Japanese and Scandi styles)
  3. Sustainability (reclaimed, refurbished and recycled materials)
  4. Organic materials (cork, bamboo, hemp)

biophilic interior design

Interior design trends for 2022

1. Versatile spaces

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has influenced interior design trends for 2022. With most of us now working from home much of the time and families coping with occasional home learning, our spaces need to reflect this. We continue to strive to keep our home and work/school lives separate.

As the demand for multi-functional spaces grows, we will see trends such as:

  1. Room dividers, including screens, large plants and shelving.
  2. Zoning of open-plan spaces, using colour, rugs and furniture to designate different areas.
  3. Clever use of space, such as fold-away desks and additional mezzanine levels.
  4. A move towards smart furniture, which incorporates app-controlled technology. For example, a wardrobe that freshens clothes with steam, or a sofa that adjusts instantly for each user.

multifunctional spaces interior design trends for 2022


2. Colour interior design trends for 2022

Which colours will be popular in 2022?

  1. Natural, muted colours
    The Dulux 2022 palette is called ‘the greenhouse colours’. It’s a calming, comforting collection of natural tones, including taupe, earthy brown, moss greens and soft, warm blues.
    Pair these with mustard or rust for a nod to the retro trend (see below).
  2. Classic white walls (honestly!)
    Not a cool, stark white though. Instead, opt for soft, nostalgic white, such as Farrow & Ball’s School House White No.291. White walls give you the flexibility to change the rest of your decor whenever you want.
  3. Black accents
    Decorilla predicts that small doses of black will be big in 2022, contrasting with white or neutral walls. Black accents such as trims, fixings, handles or frames will pack a powerful punch.

muted greens


3. Curved furniture

We will continue to see furniture that embraces and envelops. Crescent sofas and scalloped armchairs will remain popular. Alongside chairs with names that suggest cocooning and cosseting, such as the ‘egg’ and ‘womb’, we will see oval tables and rounded edges on other hard furniture. These rounded styles offer both comfort and a romantic, feminine feel.

rounded furniture


4. Wallpaper is back!

2022 will see the return of wallpaper. In particular, bold geometric, graphic designs will be popular, tying in with the retro 70s interior trend. Maximalists will be pleased to hear that oversized floral and tropical patterns will also be hot in 2022.

interior design trends for 2022 wallpaper


5. Herringbone wood floors

Stone Gable predicts a trend towards lighter wood flooring and Decorilla believes that large scale patterns such as herringbone will see a surge in popularity. Herringbone is certainly a bold, classic style that can work beautifully in contrast to modern interior design, providing balance to a contemporary room. Take a look at more flooring trends for 2022 here.

herringbone floor

6. Retro vibes

The 70s are back in a big way according to The Spruce. In 2022, we will see retro colours (rusty orange, sunshine yellow, olive green and brown) and bold, geometric patterns embraced by home owners and interior designers.
The 1970s trend continues with a nod to boho chic. Think rattan furniture, wicker baskets, hanging chairs, macrame, tassels and velvet, which were all popular in the 70s. We love this Cordial hanging chair by Alexander Rose, which we tried out at the Design London show. It’s SO comfortable! Complete this look with vintage furniture and rugs.

hanging chair 2022 trends

7. Polka dot designs

A bit of a wild card, but Jijjy’s Maison speculates that polka dots could be hot for 2022 interiors. Retro, fun and quirky, the humble polka dot adds a little charm, interest and personality to your space.

polka dot interior design trends for 2022

So what do you think? Will you use any of these trends in your home?

It’s always exciting to see the latest trends. Remember, however, it is crucial to design your space for YOU and to consider the style and period of your property.


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