Property Development Acronyms Quiz

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In this property development acronyms quiz, you’ll test your knowledge of property terms.

The property industry is full of acronyms. It’s therefore important to understand the most common ones if you’re interested in property development, but how well do you know your property patter?

See how many of these acronyms you already know. Don’t worry, it’s multiple choice, so you can always have a guess. And if you need some help, check out our jargon busting property glossary.


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Property Development Acronyms Quiz

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Property Development Acronyms Quiz

Property Development Acronyms Quiz

In this quiz you will be presented with different property development acronyms.

Decide which property terms these stand for.

Good luck!

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1. Firstly, what does BRR stand for?


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2. Secondly, what does SA mean?


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3. Thirdly, what is BTL?


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4. SPV stands for what?


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5. The meaning of HMO is..?


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6. What does PRS stand for?


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7. BTS is an acronym for?


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8. What does RTR mean?


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9. Finally, NMD stands for what?


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