5 Astonishing Interior Design Ideas that will Inspire Romance

January 14, 2020 2:51 pm Published by romantic interior design blog header

With Valentine’s day around the corner, we’re inspired to think about what romantic interior design means.

There is an accepted ‘romantic style‘ in interior design, described as “traditional, yet not stuffy“, however, we aren’t going to focus on that here. Rather, in this article, we will be suggesting some ideas that you can incorporate into your home in order to inspire romance.

You can make your space feel more romantic, whatever your personal style, with the following tips.

5 Romantic Interior Design Ideas

1. Add a canopy

What could be more romantic than a four-poster bed? The curtains evoke a sense of being cocooned, creating privacy and intimacy, which are perfect for romance. Best of all, you don’t need a four-poster bed to achieve this draped, canopied look. Buy a pre-made bed canopy which can be fixed to the ceiling with hooks or via a hoop. Alternatively, choose a soft, sheer cotton fabric, like muslin and create your own.

Bed with canopy

2. Consider lighting

Lighting is, of course, important in any room, but in order to create a romantic atmosphere, it is absolutely crucial. Choose warm (yellow-white, rather than blue-white bulbs), or even a soft pink light for your space. Think log fires and sunsets, with their warm and flattering glow.

Avoid harsh overhead lighting and instead opt for candles, side lamps, or even fairy lights. You might even choose to put fairy lights above your bed canopy, creating an almost magical, starlit effect, as below from Adorable Home.

Think about where you want the focal points of each room to be (the dining table, set for a delicious meal, the sofa, ready to watch a romantic film?), then light these accordingly. Avoid any jarring transitions from dark to light. Aim to ‘highlight’, as opposed to ‘spotlight’ these areas.

starlit canopy

3. A nod to the natural world

Perhaps surprisingly, adding a nod to nature can make a room feel more romantic. Traditionally, we associate fresh flowers with love and romance. An experiment by the University of South Brittany found that just the sight of flowers made people ‘more open to romance‘ (in this instance, more likely to agree to a date).

A large wall mural of an outdoor vista, like the one below from Apartment Therapy, can spark the imagination. This hazy, woodland scene makes me think of getting away from it all on a romantic walk, stopping for a picnic, or perhaps looking out from an idyllic cabin in the woods.

misty woodland wall mural

4. Tease with texture

As always, give thought to texture and the ‘feel’ of your room. Which of your senses are triggered when you walk in and how can these add to a romantic mood? Perhaps you love soft, fluffy textures like sheepskin between your toes, or a warm knitted blanket to snuggle under with your loved one? Or maybe you adore the feeling of slipping between crisp, clean sheets after a bubble bath?

Any texture which triggers a pleasurable emotional response is worth paying attention to here.

soft texture interior design

5. Think ‘dreamy’

So many of our romantic notions are connected with dreams and dreaming. We describe our ‘dream (wo)man’, and our ‘dream wedding’. We talk of fantasies (which are essentially conscious, or day-dreaming). Bed is both the place where we dream and where we make love. And while we ‘fall asleep’, we also ‘fall in love’.

Many of the interior design ideas above are reminiscent of dreams and dreaming. The canopy is cloud-like and dreamy in texture, the wall mural has a misty, dreamlike quality. This idea of ‘dreaminess’ might inspire your choice of colour, fabric, wallpaper and even furniture when creating your romantic home.

dreamy wallpaper

BONUS TIP: declutter and de-tech

Finally, remember to keep your bedroom clean, tidy and uncluttered for a stress-free, happier (and therefore more amorous) environment. Your bedroom should be free from all distractions, allowing you to focus only on passion (and sleep of course!). To this end, try to leave technology out of this room as far as possible.

Do you really need a TV in the bedroom? Could you keep your phone in your nightstand, or in a different room altogether at bedtime?

uncluttered bedroom

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