6 surprising secrets to sophisticated Christmas styling

November 17, 2021 12:05 am Published by sophisticated Christmas styling blog header

Do you crave sophisticated Christmas styling for your home?

You wish for your home to be beautiful for Christmas, but can’t afford to spend a fortune on decorations. You’d love a home that is both enchanting and welcoming, but neither tacky nor boring. However, you’re not sure quite how to achieve this.

We hear you! And we’re here to help.

This week we’re sharing our secrets to sophisticated Christmas styling at home and you’ll be glad to know that they’re both simple and affordable.


elegant Christmas decor


Our secrets to sophisticated Christmas styling

1. Incorporate natural elements

Using green foliage to decorate homes in winter is a venerable tradition that stems (pun intended!) from the Celtic festival of Yule and the Ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia.

Even if you don’t have room for a 6 foot Christmas tree, by including natural elements in your Christmas styling, your home will retain a relaxed elegance.

In keeping with the idea of hygge, you’re aiming for your home to enhance and compliment the experience of Christmas (special time with friends and family), rather than overshadow the main event.

Nature is (naturally) beautiful and by foraging for bits of evergreen, holly, ivy, twigs and pine cones, you can make your home feel festive for next to nothing.

  1. Try making a simple alternative wreath like this one from Erika Rax
  2. Dangle a large sprig of mistletoe from the ceiling of your entryway
  3. Pile pinecones in a large vase or mason jar and add tiny fairy lights or sprigs of pussy willow
  4. Trail ivy along your shelves and entwine it around your bannisters to bring the outside in
  5. Add some Winter solstice-inspired natural decor to your Christmas dining table with rosemary sprig place settings or mini-wreaths (see no.3 below)

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel


Erika Rax wreath

2. Lighting is everything in Christmas styling

If you do nothing else to your home in preparation for Christmas, consider lighting.

The way in which you light your space can totally transform it. Create a cosy Christmas vibe with these ideas…

  1. Candles (pillar candle centrepieces, tiny tea lights or scented candles in jars).
    If you have animals or young children, consider electric candles for safety.
  2. Fairy lights (on the tree of course, but also twisted into wreaths and foliage or coiled around baubles under a glass cloche)
  3. Lanterns (glass storm lanterns, tin lanterns, or make these pretty paper house luminaries by Lia Griffith)


Lia Griffith House Luminaries

3. Miniature magic

Add some extra charm to your Christmas styling with tiny details to delight both children and adults.
The idea here is to evoke a feeling of elfin magic, rather than adding anything too twee or cutesy.

  1. Add a mini house luminary or fir tree to your wreath
  2. Make some miniature gingerbread houses as a centrepiece
  3. Use rosemary for teeny wreath place cards
  4. Attach a Christmas tree cut-off to the top of a vintage toy car with twine for a whimsical ornament (see final picture)
  5. Decorate an evergreen branch with marble-sized baubles, in a nod to larger Christmas trees.


Miniature magic sophisticated Christmas styling

4. Create a feast for the senses

As Anna from Furnished by Anna reminds us, interior design is all about how a room makes you feel.

Therefore, consider the senses of taste and smell when styling your home for Christmas. Mulled wine, cinnamon, cloves, gingerbread and oranges are all irresistibly Christmassy smells.  You might even choose to add a few edible elements of Christmas decor. However, we would suggest traditional nuts or homemade spiced cookies, rather than garish candy canes.


mulled wine

5. Stick to a white Christmas

One of the simplest ways to keep your Christmas interior decor classy is to avoid too much colour.

Stick to white fairy lights, plain pillar candles, clear glass ‘bubble’ baubles, combined with natural wood, evergreen and kraft (or even newspaper) wrapped gifts. By sticking to a limited colour palette, your Christmas guests will revel in the cosy, festive atmosphere you have created, rather than being bombarded by a kaleidoscope of chroma.


clear glass baubles

6. Add some sparkle (but not too much!) for sophisticated Christmas styling

“Less is more.” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was referring here to architecture, but the same is true of an elegant, sophisticated home at Christmas. A little touch of sparkle, twinkling lights and a few baubles are perfect, but be careful to get the balance just right.

You want your guests to react with an awed and hushed “wow!”, as opposed to an eyes-wide, backwards-stepping “WHOAH!”.

There is a not-so-subtle difference between a wintry wonderland and a lurid grotto.


sophisticated Christmas styling


Christmas is about happiness, so if what makes you happy is rainbow-coloured lights, lashings of tinsel, and glitter everywhere, then go right ahead! And if you have little ones, you might like to transform your front room into Santa’s grotto for a bit of festive fun.
But we’re guessing that since you decided to read this post, you were probably aiming for a more minimal, Nordic kind of Christmas than a baroque one?

However you choose to style your home, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and an auspicious new year!


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