How to create a stress-free sanctuary at home

February 1, 2019 1:27 pm Published by How to create a stress free sanctuary at home

Award-winning interior designer, Furnished by Anna, has worked closely with us on our Tonbridge development, Atkins Court, to create a sense of sanctuary within the homes.

In this post we suggest 5 simple tips to create your own feeling of sanctuary at home and then share Anna’s  vision for the stunning new development in Tonbridge.


5 tips to create a stress-free sanctuary at home

1.Light up your life (and your space)

Natural light is proven to combat depression and helps to regulate our sleep cycle, which is essential for good health. Keep your windows clean and either open curtains fully during the day or choose a curtain in a sheer fabric to let in maximum daylight.

In the long winter evenings, candlelight can add a sense of calm and peace.

2.Bring the outside in

Mind Body Green describe nature as ‘the ultimate relaxation nirvana’. Plants help to purify the air in your home, increasing your energy and concentration levels. If you struggle to keep pot plants alive (we empathise), try a cactus or succulent instead. Even fresh cut flowers, rocks, wooden logs, palm prints or floral paintings can give the same sense of outdoors, inside.


3. Clear the clutter

Decluttering is a sure-fire way to reduce stress and anxiety, creating your own calm oasis of space in a busy and confusing world. Take a look at our post for 10 top tips to help you declutter your home.

4. Calm the senses

Think about what makes you feel most content and relaxed. Aim to nourish each of your senses at home. Experiment with textiles and textures – perhaps a soft fluffy throw, or a battered leather armchair? Think about scents – when you come home do you want to smell a particular aromatherapy oil, woodsmoke, or even your partner’s cologne? Does a certain kind of music ease your soul, or do you cherish the sound of birdsong (or silence!)?

5. Colour yourself calm

Colour can greatly affect your mood, so choose carefully. Generally speaking, softer, paler colours are found to be gentle on the eyes and tend to calm us. Think lilac or pale pink (healing), white or cream (peaceful), pale green (fresh, natural and uplifting) or blue (tranquility).
Remember that in interior design, as in life, balance is key, so don’t be afraid to add some bolder or darker elements to compliment and contrast with your softer, paler palette. Find out more about colour and how to use a colour wheel here.

Have fun experimenting with colours until you find what works best for you.



A stress-free sanctuary at home in Atkins Court

Anna says, “The interiors of Atkins Court have been designed to create stunning homes with a real emphasis placed on style and quality to deliver an extra level of luxury.

Each room has been carefully curated to create its’ own unique style. Marble patterns, stone and metallics all mix throughout, creating a luxe scheme and one that really sets them apart. The rooms have a sense of light and airiness to them, with warm textures and subtle patterns working together to make them look and feel spectacular.”



She adds, “Whether just starting out, or looking for a family home, the design elements have been chosen to work with all lifestyles and create a fantastic base for the new homeowners to move in to and to love living in.

We wanted to create a real sense of sanctuary in the design of the homes at Atkins Court. A place that you feel instantly relaxed when you walk through the door and one that you cannot wait to get home to.”



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Furnished by Anna is a creative interior design practice based in Kent, delivering designs and solutions to create fantastic interiors.

Approaching every project individually, every design is bespoke and unique to ensure an instant feeling of home.


Click here to see more photos and take a virtual tour of Atkins Court.

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