5 simple tips for a small garden you’ll love

September 16, 2020 1:32 pm Published by tips for a small garden

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that having an outdoor space, no matter how tiny, is something to cherish.
But how can we maximise our small gardens, patios and balconies to get the most out of them and of course make them beautiful?

Well, here are our five super simple tips for a small garden you’ll love to spend time in.


Simple tips for a small garden

1. Reflect on it

A great tip for making a small garden seem larger is to include a mirror. Seen at a glance, through plants, this visual trick can make it seem as if there is a hidden area just out of reach. The mirror will also reflect and refract light, creating visual interest.



2. Lighten up

As with interiors, lighting is crucial to any outside space, especially if you want to enjoy it in the evening. Consider how you use your outdoor space and which areas you want to highlight. Perhaps uplighting a favourite plant, spotlighting the dining area, stringing carnival lights for a fun atmosphere, or adding candles in storm jars for a more romantic setting?


garden lighting

3. Wonderwall

If space is limited, think upwards! Add plants in hanging baskets, stacked pots or planters, use shelving to add height. A living wall is also a great choice in a small garden space. Any idea that works vertically will help you to maximise both planting and floor space.


vertical planting

4. Tasteful two-tone

A small garden can seem chaotic with too many competing colours. Try to stick to just two complimentary colours for your planting. Tie your outdoor space together with this theme. Consider the colours of your fencing, walls, parasols and cushions too. Painting all your fencing black can make a small garden much smarter and a dark colour behind beds and pots really make the plants ‘pop’!


Colour in a small garden

5. Double up

Create a multi-purpose outdoor area to maximise use. Your yard is not just a yard, it’s a creative space for children, a dining area, or a space to play games with friends. Think of it as another room – an extension of your home.

Here are a few ideas for adding functionality to a small garden:

  1. Add some seating to relax and enjoy the outdoors
  2. If you have room, include a small bistro table for drinks and snacks, or even dinner
  3. Choose some weather-proof cushions to make it super comfy
  4. Include a waterproof storage box for board games and blankets to keep you cosy on chilly evenings
  5. Consider installing an area of composite decking.
  6. If you have young children, paint one wall with blackboard paint, give them some chalks and let their imagination run wild!


dining area

More tricks and tips for a small garden

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