Discover how to say these weird Kent place names

July 30, 2020 12:07 pm Published by How to say Kent place names

Think you know how to say these Kent place names? Think again.

Kent has its fair share of towns and villages that can prove very difficult to pronounce! These places in particular are spoken aloud in a very different way to how they are spelt. This type of counter-intuitive place name can make it very difficult for visitors.

We have heard many people mis-pronounce Wrotham (near to Borough Green, where our Catherine House development is). It’s an old parish, listed in the Domesday book, but how do you say it? Here’s a clue; it’s not ROE-tham…

Just for fun, have a try at reading the following place names out loud, then watch our video below to find out how many you got correct. Even if you live in Kent, you might find some of these a surprise!


Copy of Loose river in Kent

How would YOU pronounce these Kent place names?

  1. Port Lympne (near Hythe)
  2. Wrotham (near Sevenoaks)
  3. Meopham (near Gravesend)
  4. Elham (near Folkestone)
  5. Loose (near Maidstone)
  6. Istead (near Gravesend)
  7. Ightham (near Sevenoaks)
  8. Hougham (near Dover)
  9. Mereworth (near Maidstone)
  10. Teynham (near Faversham)
  11. Yalding (near Maidstone)
  12. Woodnesborough (near Deal)
  13. Upper and Lower Hardres (near Canterbury)
  14. Brasted (near Sevenoaks)
  15. Trottescliffe (near Maidstone)

Now watch the video below and see if you got them right. Don’t forget to turn the sound on…


How many did you get right?

Finally, can you think of any other Kent towns or villages that are difficult to pronounce?


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