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February 4, 2021 5:28 pm Published by Welcome to Synsera Homes quiz

Recently we rebranded from Watermark Homes to Synsera Homes.

We chose this name because we feel it denotes authenticity and integrity. It’s pronounced ‘sincerer’ (i.e. more honest).  In addition to this, we are a family business and our new name uses the initials of our directors’ 3 children.
We considered our new name for a long time and tried out lots of ideas. As a result of this process, we thought about different languages and accents. Then we decided it would be fun to play with languages and make a quiz to mark our new brand.  So, why not have a go?

Are you good at languages? Can you tell the difference between Spanish and Swedish, for example? In this quiz you will hear the phrase ‘Welcome to Synsera Homes’ in 10 different languages.

Play the quiz

Click the play button at the top of each question. Click the replay button to hear it again. You can listen as many times as you like before making your guess.

And don’t panic! Each question has multiple-choice answer options.


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Welcome to Synsera Homes languages quiz

In this quiz you will hear the phrase 'Welcome to Synsera Homes' in 10 different languages.

Decide which language is being spoken (multiple choice).

Good luck!

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2. Secondly, what language is being spoken here?

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3. Now, here's a nice easy one... Which language is this?

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10. And finally, which language is being spoken here?

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