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    A whole new way of investing in the property market – Wisborough Green

    If you are wondering how to benefit from the property market, look no further.


    Watermark Homes is an independent property development company local to Wisborough Green. We create desirable, beautiful, affordable homes for today’s discerning homebuyer.

    How Can We Help you invest in the property market

    We specialise in partnering with busy professionals who want to invest in the property market but do not yet know how.

    All of us want our hard-earned money to achieve a great return. You know that savings accounts won’t help! And you know that stock market investing can feel very ….. impersonal. And you also know that great returns are possible by investing in property.

    You may not have the spare time to do your own in-depth market analyses or research the latest property trends. You may not want the hassle of going through the process of buying an investment property or of managing tenants. You may be an overseas investor looking for a straightforward way of investing your money in the UK market. You may not want to go through the sometimes tortuous process of applying for a mortgage, especially if you live abroad, and have to pay constant attention to the direction of interest rates.

    Now you no longer have to! Realise that there is a different way, a better way to invest your money.

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    • Face-to-face consultation session either in London or via Skype.
    • Learn about what we offer and how we are able to offer it.
    • Understand what sets us apart from other property companies.
    • Be part of a growing, like-minded network of busy professionals benefiting from property investing.
    • Benefit from on-going, personal, one-to-one mentorship with UK property experts who have over 2 decades experience between them across multiple property strategies.


    Watermark Homes is an independent property development company based in Wisborough Green in the south London borough of Bromley. We create beautiful, affordable homes fit for the discerning homebuyer.

    Property Developments in Wisborough Green

    We focus on development opportunities in Chislehurst and across London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

    Property Investments in Wisborough Green

    We partner with investors who are looking for great returns by investing in the UK property market.

    Education & Mentorship in Wisborough Green

    We offer a bespoke mentoring and education service.

    About Watermark

    Established in 2016, Watermark Homes is a dynamic, innovative property development company with an uncompromising focus.

    We create desirable, affordable, functional, and aesthetically beautiful homes.

    The common aim for our projects? To exceed all initial expectations through design excellence.

    We focus on development opportunities in Wisborough Green and across London and south-east England, with an emphasis on commuter towns in KentSurrey and Sussex within an hour’s travel time from central London.

    We partner with established, award-winning property professionals- sourcers, planning consultants, architects, project managers, and contractors – who share our values.

    Property Investment and Development opportunities in Wisborough Green.

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      A Business Built on Values

      Our values act as point of references for our entire business. We want to work with people who share these values too.


      We remain true to our values and to our ethos. Our customers, partners and investors know exactly what we are about, what we do, and for what we stand.


      We work with our partners in the spirit of openness, honesty and complete transparency. At Watermark Homes, we believe that property is about people, not processes. We believe in a win-win culture in which everyone benefits. When we make promises, we deliver on them.


      We aim to exceed all expectations and to deliver outstanding results. When setting ourselves targets, we believe in going the extra mile to achieve those targets, always striving for that elusive goal: to create the perfect living space for the modern homeowner.