How to work smarter from home

June 18, 2021 8:48 am Published by work smarter from home desk

Since spring 2020, many more of us are working from home than ever before. This has given us more confidence, independence, work flexibility and the ability to focus without distractions. In addition to this, we’re saving time, money and reducing our carbon footprint by commuting between rooms instead of across miles.

However, despite all these benefits, home working has some downsides. Of course we miss the water-cooler moments, but it can also be more difficult to switch off from work. Working from home also requires self-discipline in order to avoid procrastination.

So, how can you work smarter from home? In this article we will look at some simple ideas to help you improve your workspace.

home office optimisation

Optimising your home work space

How can you set up your home office to maximise focus and productivity? Can you update your workspace in order to inspire and motivate you? Here are our top tips:

  • Carve out your space.
    If you aren’t lucky enough to have room for a home office, don’t be discouraged. Instead, can you can create a little nook under the stairs? Or squeeze a desk into the corner of your lounge? Earmark an area for you to work from home.
  • Create separation. 
    If your work area is not in an office with a door, how else can you set it apart from the rest of your home? Perhaps you could add a beautiful, yet practical room divider/screen. Or tuck your desk away behind a practical shelving unit. If your desk is nestled in an alcove, you might consider painting that alcove a different colour to the rest of the room, creating a visual separation.
  • Declutter
    The old adage is true, a tidy space leads to tidy mind. Clutter is visually and mentally draining, so take time to clear, clean and tidy your home working area. Take a look at our step by step guide on how to declutter your desk for a more productive day.
  • Consider lighting
    Wherever possible, set your desk up near a window, so that you can benefit from natural light while you work. If this is not possible, add a good desk lamp. Placing a mirror in your room at 90° to the window will help to reflect light around the space too.
  • Get comfortable
    Make sure you have a supportive and comfortable chair. Add a cushion and even a blanket for extra cosiness. Check – is your computer screen at the correct height for you?
  • Make it your own
    Perhaps you like to drink tea from a unicorn mug? Or listening to Metallica helps you to focus? There are no corporate rules for your home office, so add a personal touch.


home office lighting

 Working smarter

Now that your workspace is set up, let’s look at some ways in which you can achieve more when working from home.

  • Download & clarify
    The Blissful Mind recommends a technique called the ‘brain dump‘ to declutter your mind and help you focus. This the perfect way to start your day and prioritise your tasks ahead.
  • Minimise distractions
    Turn off email alerts. Check email at regular, specific times and stick to these. Unsubscribe from junk email as soon as you receive it. If you struggle with time management, try techniques such as the ‘pomodoro’ and ‘eat the frog’ method. Find out more about these here.
  • And breathe
    Regular breaks will help you focus and can act as a kind of mini-reward, helping you to stay motivated and on-task.
    Likewise, be sure to switch off and step away from work at the end of the day.

Now you know how to work smarter from home, you can embrace and enjoy a more productive future!

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