We focus on development opportunities in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

We are looking to purchase land and buildings with the potential to:

  • Design beautiful, modern homes that incorporate the latest interior technologies and which reflect the needs and desires of today’s homebuyers and tenants.
  • Turn around projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Maximise a development’s gross development value (GDV) potential

We also joint venture with other developers, allowing us to take on larger projects or to provide funding for smaller projects.

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We partner with investors who are looking for great returns by investing in the UK property market on a fixed return basis.

There are also opportunities for more experienced investors to invest with us for a share of the expected profits of particular developments.

Investors with Synsera Homes can expect to receive their initial investment plus predicted returns within two years. We are often able to return a proportion of this much earlier by completing, selling and/or refinancing of the development in stages.

Contact us for an indication of the sorts of returns we offer and how you can partner with us.

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Education & Mentorship

With over a decade’s experience in property investing in the UK and internationally, we offer a bespoke mentoring and education service tailored to ambitious individuals.

We take the approach that knowledge is there to be shared and our aim is to empower our clients to make the best investment decisions for their chosen goals.

We offer:

  • An initial, no-obligations, consultation via telephone, video call or face-to-face meeting.
  • Help to determine the appropriate property strategy for your circumstances and long-term personal and financial ambitions.
  • Education on the UK property market so that you can avoid the mistakes that new investors commonly make.

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  3. Property Investment – Where to start?
  4. Property Investment Jargon Busting – common terms & acronyms

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